Your friendly neighborhood tax accountants. Yes, we accept crypto as payment!

With over 10 years combined tax background, RKO Tax aims to leverage tax and accounting knowledge of its founding partners to provide high-touch, white-glove tax service to the crypto-native community.

RKO Tax is a white-glove tax accounting service focused primarily on the crypto-native community. Our goal is to work with our clients directly to reconcile crypto transactions and provide insight into transaction and investment structuring to optimize our clients' tax position. RKO is a full-service tax firm that also prepares US tax return for clients that have complexities beyond traditional tax preparation offerings.

If you are looking for someone to work with directly to reconcile your crypto transactions, you have come to the right place. We know a lot of the tax softwares out there can be daunting, and our goal is to work with you directly (yes, a real person!!) to review the transactions output from the software of your choosing (if you do not have a preference, we will decide based on your transactions which software to level).

Our hope is that with ongoing real-time transaction reconciliation, we can front-run the tax season and provide more value than just an annual tax return.

Meet the team:

Allie Ruiz, EA

Allie attended Villanova University and started her accounting career at KPMG. She has over 5 years of US individual tax experience with a focus on global cross-border employees for several Fortune 500 companies. Allie got into crypto in the Summer of 2021 when her partner introduced her to her first NFT, a Pudgy Penguin!

Sean Klim

Sean is an alum of Ithaca College and also started his accounting career at KPMG where he and Allie first met. Since leaving KPMG, Sean has worked for a multi-family office in midtown Manhattan, serving high net worth individuals and families primarily in the finance and entertainment industries. Sean is always excited to learn more about crypto and the possibilities in this space.

Questions about our services or taxes in general? Reach out through one of the below channels: