Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with my 2023 taxes?!

Most likely, yes! Reach out via Twitter or email so we can discuss your specific situation and see if we would be a good fit. 

What if I just have a question about taxes and don't need your help with a tax filing?

Reach out so we can setup a call! For general tax questions raised by individuals not currently engaged with us for tax services, we will charge an hourly rate fee of $400/hr. We do provide a complimentary introductory call with us to meet the team and see if we make a good fit for your tax needs.

How on earth will you plan to reconcile my crypto transactions?

Well, great question! We will leverage either the software of our clients' choosing or choose a software that fits our clients' wallet(s) best. We will work with our clients to reconcile the transactions and come up with an agreeable outcome. For future years, our goal is to work with our clients on an ongoing real-time basis to review transactions as they come in so there is less need for cumbersome reconciliations come tax season. 

How much do you charge?

Our fee will depend on our clients' specific situation so we recommend reaching out to discuss. The fees are variable based on the number of wallets our clients hold, the hours required to reconcile transactions, and how much consulting our clients require throughout the year.